True Stories of Tinseltown

The Good Girls of Noir

From True Stories of Tinseltown host, Gracyee:

Christina was such a great guest. I wanted to ask her a few more questions about her book Phantom Lady:Hollywood Producer..The Forgotten Woman Behind Hitchcock. It’s a wonderful book and lots of juicy tidbits. 

Christina was a good sport, we talked some good girls of Noir, first up Ella Raines, next Betty Shaefer. The million dollar question I asked Christina was did she think Betty would go back to the sweet and actually non stiff, just the facts ma’am, Artie Greene. See what her answer is. We talked before we started and chose a couple extra people. Christina was game. It was a lot of fun. 

Question to you all, I love Gloria Grahame as a bad girl, but in the film The Big Heat, she risked her life for Glenn Ford, got scalding coffee thrown in her face. For real, she saved the day. She asked Glenn Ford about his wife..Don’t you dare ask me about my wife. You are not even worthy to use the word wife.” Debbie gave her life. AS she was dying after she saved his butt, he started telling her about his wife…What a trooper. She was a good girl.

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Released November 27, 2021.